Chaz Clinkscales
Media Technician 

Chaz was born in Hillsboro, Texas and grew up in Rio Vista, Texas. He now lives in Cleburne where he attended college at Hill College and Texas at Tyler University. He works at Gerard Elementary and is currently finishing school online with a degree in Psychology. He enjoys all things "tech" and with the help of a team is able to spread the gospel and messages from our church through social media and live in-church activities. His family has done foster care going on 9 years, where he helps as a big brother should and enjoys time investing in many children's life in a positive christ-like manner.

He enjoys all sports, video games, and spending time with his wife Maritssa. In the ministry he serves in, he looks to continue working by making video's, creating things that continue the work of the church, and keeping a great experience alive with sound and audio throughout various church activities and services.